Meditation and Yoga

Meditation is a very powerful medium which facilitates overall well-being of individuals. It can help us overcome stress, anxiety, depression, negativity and many more which helps us to overcome poor state of mind and body.

In a way, Meditation helps us to learn on how to let go of things. The negativity and toxicity we carry affects our mental health which in turn affects our physical health. Like the quote says ‘Health is wealth’, it is imperative that we dedicate few minutes of our time daily to realize the benefits of meditation.

Meditation impacts three areas of existence – physical, mental and spiritual. Regular practice of meditation increases positivity, joy, enthusiasm and peace of mind. From turbulence to tranquility, meditation is very powerful in bringing inner freedom and peace.

Through Meditation, we can train our mind to focus on a particular object, thought or activity and also for attention, awareness, calmness and mental peace.

Ms. Jayasree Rajendran, assists children and adults with their first step into the world of meditation. As a teacher she can coach you, and guide you in your path to meditation. Embark on the journey of good mental and physical health with meditation by Ms. Jayasree Rajendran. 

What and Why Yoga Philosophy?
Main philosophy of Yoga is Mind, Body and Spirit is one and cannot be separated.

Yoga philosophy provides a personal context for getting the most out of practices such as posture flow, breathing exercises, or mental meditational practices. And if one adopts a philosophical approach to Yoga, then all activities are in support of one’s own character and mastery over life. Without yoga philosophy, any practices of yoga poses, or breathing exercises, can become hindrances to one’s own Self.”

  • Through RYS Yoga Alliance certified Teacher, Bloombyond is Offering below services to individuals and groups.
  1. Breathing Techniques
  2. Meditation Sessions
  3. Beginner Yoga classes
  4. Yogic philosophy

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Yoga and Meditation are interrelated, working together to connect to our highest self.

Meditation as a whole promotes mental and emotional health including,

  1. Enhances Self Awareness
  2. Reduces Stress
  3. Improved Sleep
  4. Improved concentration and focus

and much more

Other services


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