What are the benefits of Storytelling and how it helps children and adults?

Story telling – A profession by choice!

The amazing thing about our

pastime during childhood is listening to stories. We all have grown up listening to them from our parents, grand parents, other family members and friends. Every one of them had their own style, tone, diction and choice of the story.

Stories ranging from Mythological, freedom fighters, independence struggle, fantasy, moral stories and many more had a big impact on us. They have either inspired, motivated or helped us dream big. Storytelling is an art, in recent times the art has somewhere lost in time. Some parents read out a story to their children during bedtime to encourage children to read.

Imagine a group of people sitting together and one person telling a story with passion and enthusiasm. It creates a lovely atmosphere, brings in a smile on to our face and makes an impact too.

Ms. Jayashree Rajendran of ……….. center understands the importance of storytelling and conducts exclusive sessions of story telling for children to take their imagination to next level.

What is NLP and How it helps?

Make positive changes in life with NLP!

‘The change I observed in myself when I started NLP was believing in myself and a new  confident me’ – Priya, Housewife.

The above is one of the many testimonials we get to see when someone embarks on their journey to discover themselves through NLP. The fears, anxiety, low confidence, meeting people, speaking in crowd can all be overcome with NLP. One needs to experience the change NLP brings about in them.

NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming is the language of the mind. It helps you to understand your mind better, the way you react, the way you communicate and the positive outcomes. NLP is a set of simple, interesting and effective techniques which are applicable and useful in personal development.

Time, practice and good supervision or instruction can help you to master the NLP techniques. Ms.Jayasree Rajendran of Blooming Beyond is a NLP Master Coach Practitioner and Trainer who has guided many with NLP techniques. Her passion is to empower lives and make an impact for a healthy and successful living.