About Jayasree Rajendran

An Electronics and Communication Engineer and former IT Professional, discovered her passion towards empowering others while she was working in corporate industry. After spending a decade in her profession, she slowly decided to start her entrepreneurial journey in the year 2014. 

With a vision to assist and empower people to achieve their goals, Ms. Jayasree Rajendran, founded Bloombyond to extend her passion towards empowering people by overcoming their limiting beliefs, eliminating unwanted behaviors and bringing clarity on their goals through her
individual sessions and trainings. 
She has conducted more than more than 100 hours of private coaching sessions and trainings. 

Ms. Jayasree is a passionate reader, open to new learnings and believes in bringing a change through conversations. She is a Licensed NLP Trainer and Master Coach, passionate storyteller, effective public speaker, writer, blogger, traveler and a life long learner. 

Her patrons include parents, children as well as adults who approach her for goal setting, coaching, career counselling, meditation, parenting and early childhood development. Some of the tools used are NLP, Meditation and Yogic Psychology. She conducts various Storytelling workshops for kids and has been in various volunteer works in the past 5 years.

She believes Mindset is everything and by learning and practicing reprogramming our limiting beliefs and patterns, one can achieve their highest potential and can lead their fullest form of fulfilling, satisfying, and positive life.

With diverse industries’ experience, she has been passionately bringing change in people’s lives with her individual sessions. Bloombyond certainly, stands by its vision and empower lives by all means.


Society of NLP is the original certifying body developed in the field of NLP by the NLP Developers. Bloom Byond is happy to be part of SNLP. 

Certified Yoga Alliance RYS 200 Yoga Teacher Trainer. Yoga Alliance is a most popular international yoga organisation certifying Yoga Teachers.


To empower lives, make an impact and assist people to live a healthy, happy and successful life.


Assist people to overcome limited beliefs, unwanted thoughts & behavior and help them set and achieve their goals through individual sessions and training.